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10 Years, 2 Kids Later! Rola & Deji’s Vow Renewal was Breathtaking

You know what’s more exciting about love, it never gets old as long as you keep the fire burning!

Rola and Deji exchanged their vows and began their forever love journey, 10 years ago! After ten years, 2 boys, marriage has been such an exciting experience for them, the couple celebrated this milestone in such a beautiful way. They had a breathtaking vow renewal at the Jara Beach and Resort.  Even though it was meant to be a destination as they had always celebrated each anniversary outside the country, the couple had such an incredible intimate ceremony with their loved ones.

Luckily for us, we got Rola to answer some questions, we know you’d want to read from her. So keep scrolling and enjoy every bit of #ModeInfinity vow renewal.



Can you take us down memory lane, how did you both meet?: We met in school, at the University of Lagos, his school at the time. I was on holiday from my University and I visited my sister at the University of Lagos.

Why did you as a couple decide on a vow renewal?: After he showed some interest in doing something special, considering the fact that we always celebrated our wedding anniversary in different locations. I exhibited some apathy at the beginning, but my brother and his wife convinced us plus we thought long and hard, it’s a date we would never get back if it went by without doing anything as the novelty will be lost. In line with our usual travel plans, it was actually meant to be a destination event, but COVID said no.

What does love mean to you?: Love is an action word, it is a commitment, it is dedication, it is appreciation, it is kindness with words and in deeds, and all of these, in turn, leads to harmony and warmth and all the fluttery feelings in between.


What has changed in the past 10 years?: Well, there has been a lot of growth, progress, our outlook towards life keeps changing and we have been fortunate with all we have been blessed with. We have two amazing boys, 8 and 6-year-olds, our individual businesses that we are both mutually vested in. We have truly been blessed and we do not take that for granted every chance we get to spend together as a family, and we especially cherish all the amazing memories and experiences we get to share.



What sweet little thing does your spouse do that gets you every time?: He has a way of getting me to laugh, I find him extremely funny, but not in a clownish kind of way though.



What are your highlights from your vow renewal?: The entire experience, the vibe, the atmosphere, the details, the fun and intimate moments shared with our very close-knit family and friends present. The fireworks display was pretty special and spectacular. Everything turned out better than we imagined.


 What was the ceremony like?: It was very intimate, serene, so much fun, extremely detailed in terms of the day of stationery and activities. It was just all-round amazing!


Who takes out the trash?: Funny enough this is not really applicable in our home, however, for me, I find absolute joy in taking care of my boys and the home, and I love the fact that all my boys show appreciation of this and always help out in their own way. But my husband is the Mr Fix-it, vacation/life planner and the occasional Gourmet Chef!


 If you were given a blank check to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?: Definitely a beach destination and I would choose Bali, even though I have been once, I never fully explored. I’d like to visit again but for not less than a month.

The most memorable moment of your wedding ceremony?
: Well, my wedding ceremony, over ten years ago was one for the books, in that, it rained heavily and it was an outdoor wedding. But, it was still my wedding and I remain grateful for that day and I loved sharing that day with our family, friends and loved ones. We had over 1,400 guests in attendance. Even though we couldn’t do much on that day because of the rain, I remember us making up for it the Sunday after at our thanksgiving party. That was indeed memorable.

What has 10 years of marriage taught you?
: Patience, compromise, forgiveness and resilience.

 What is the best part of being married?: Getting to do life with my best friend, someone I can relate on so many levels and in so many ways.


What are your 3 top 3 fun activities as a couple?: Netflix and chill, travelling and watching comedies on Instagram.


What is the best advice you have ever received on marriage?: The importance of communication. No one is a mind-reader, the importance of voicing out one’s needs and concerns. Making zero assumptions.

The most memorable gesture from your spouse?: Well, the most recent one was when he ordered gourmet chocolates all the way from France with a personalized note for our anniversary and for also procuring a souvenir 12” square plot of land for me in Scotland, which has earned me the title “Lady”. Say hello to Lady Rola or Lady Mo (waves hand back and forth…lol).



What’s your advice to newlyweds?: God first, because Christ is the Rock upon which a solid home can be built. Marriage is indeed beautiful, but it needs to be nurtured. Complacency happens along the way, but learning to bounce back and get one’s groove back is important. Remain best friends with your spouse, remain lovers and always bear in mind that you are on the same team, continue to stick together and advocate for one another no matter what.







Bride: @mrsrade
Photography: @awgzzz @awgz.married
Bride’s Makeup: @tkobeautyng
Bride’s Hair: @adurablestouch
Bride’s Outfit: @flat17studio
Groom’s Outfit: @dejikola
Event Styling: @ornatebyetal
Videography: @ladimilanfilms
Invitations & Stationery: @radedph @rademotley
Couple’s Gifts: @thegiftfairyng
Digital Save the date: @heraldsbyrade
FSCs & Special Effects: @eventecture @atlantisbyeventecture
Venue & Catering: @jarabeachresortng
Cake and Desserts: @saltlagos
Canapes: @funbitesbyore
Macarons: @honeyfrosting
DJ: @djlammy
Drinks & Cocktails: @drinksconnect
String Quartet: @stringtribe
Ambient Scenting: @tiwihomefragrance

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