7 Steps to Planning A Memorable Pre-wedding Video Shoot

Hey, fam! I’m back again to share on capturing your wedding moments and even moments leading up to the big day like your pre-wedding shoot.  A couple of weeks back, I shared on why you should totally go for a pre-wedding video shoot and now that is out of the way. I want to help you plan your pre-wedding video shoot.  Adding to the popular pre-wedding photoshoot is now the novel pre-wedding video shoot. Where the couple gets a behind-the-scene motion picture of the photoshoot or sometimes a well-planned video shoot by itself. When planning a pre-wedding video shoot, there are various things to take into consideration.

Let’s look at these things:


Pick your wedding videographer

You might have searched for wedding videographers online, or you might have asked a friend for a referral and that’s also good. But the most important part of planning your pre-wedding video shoot is to get a videographer. The kind of videographer matters a lot because it greatly contributes to the success of the shoot. You want to be comfortable with your videographer, so you have to make sure the person isn’t only good professionally, but his aura kind of resonates with yours. We all know how we feel around bad vibes. You certainly don’t want to be getting that around your videographer!


Pick the perfect pre-wedding video shoot idea

The first thing to do is to share your idea with your videographer. He/she will know whether it suits you, or which angles are your best angles. Sharing your plans with your videographer gives you an advantage because your videographer would have most likely worked with other clients, so he/she knows what looks good. You can also plan the creativity yourself. When picking an idea, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to be unnecessarily extravagant. You aren’t trying to impress anyone. This is the perfect intimate moment with your soon-to-be spouse that you want to capture. So, you aren’t trying to be superficial or too perfect. Think of something natural yet beautiful, something creative. It can be a candlelight location, it can even be on the beach, or in a playground. But these places are only venues; so, you still have to make those venues beautiful and perfect for you and your spouse. Next, you want to plan what you and your partner are going to say, or you could actually choose to freestyle. It all depends on both of you.


Consider your budget for the shoot

It is true that not everyone can afford the same thing, but the wonderful thing is that a pre-wedding video shoot can be planned and executed by anyone so long as you have the creativity and a wonderful videographer. You don’t have creativity? Then get a close friend or a family member that does. How much do you have to spend on the pre-wedding video shoot? Is it going to cause future problems with your actual wedding? Are you spending too much? Are you spending too little? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when planning a pre-wedding video shoot. We suggest you work with the videographer to work around your budget to still get that amazing pre-wedding content that you desire.


The Dos and Don’ts of colours

Now when trying to be creative, you need to be careful not to go overboard. When planning the colours that will be used for your scenery, make sure that they align with your outfits. Colour clashes are the worst things ever. Do not wear shoes that are the colour of your pants. That is just horrifying! Do not have too many accessories in one place and because accessories can spoil or improve your outfit, you do not want to have them focused on one particular place. Also, take into consideration the weather when choosing an outfit or a scene. You wouldn’t want to wear wool when it is extremely sunny outside, no matter how good it may look. You obviously can’t wear sandals to the beach, and it won’t be a good idea to take your natural hair out of its locks in a humid environment. We all know what that looks like, so once more, take advice from your stylist and fashionable friends on how to go about this.


The theme of the shoot

What kind of theme do you want for your shoot? Are you going for a romantic picnic? What of date night? Another beautiful theme can be a shoot under the rain. It can also be a pet theme. This means videos taken with your pets in scenery that corresponds with the theme. Personally, I believe that a theme is meant to be personal. It can signify how you met your partner, or when you knew you loved your partner. It could also remind you of where you went on your first date. There are cases of people reenacting their first date, the music that was played, and the clothes they wore. That would make the perfect pre-wedding video shoot in my opinion. The good thing is everyone has their perfect theme in their head.


What do you want your pose to look like

Remember, a pre-wedding video shoot also involves your videographer capturing those pictures that are being taken of you and your partner by a photographer. So what are you going for? Are you going for fun, carefree and wild? Or are you going for solemn and serious? Or maybe you might want to go for romantic as well as classy? All and more of those ideas are left up to you. That is also probably a conversation to have with your partner. You don’t want it to seem or look forced. Like you’re really trying to make an effort to look a particular way. Instead, you want to choose a pose that comes easy to you and your partner. Something that makes you connect with each other in such a realistic way despite being in front of the camera. Whatever your pose is, it has to connect and flow with your scenery as well as your outfit. You cannot be going for classy and you wear knee-high boots, a leather jacket and denim shorts. That is the opposite. So, whatever you wear, has to match the theme of your shoot.


Where do you want to preview the video?

So you have to ask yourself, “what is the purpose of making the video?” where do you plan to show it? Is it something you want to show at the wedding? Or is it something you want to keep for you and your husband? Or maybe you want to use it to create the wedding invite. You shouldn’t just be having a pre-wedding shoot because everyone else has it. It should mean something personal and different to you. Once you figure out what it means to you, it will help you in making your video shoot more special.


Pre-wedding shoots are more relaxing for couples because they are not yet in the tensed atmosphere of the actual wedding. So they have all the time in the world to be creative and natural. A well planned pre-wedding shoot will give you content to share for your wedding invite, on your wedding day in the hall, in your house for your guests and lasting memories for the love you share. When you take all these things into consideration when planning your pre-wedding video shoot, I promise, you will have the shoot of your dreams!

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