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Northern Brides will Definitely Want to Rock These Stylish George Dresses


Calling all the Northern brides here!

Did you think that the George fabric was just for the Igbo brides? Well, if you did, Ruvero Style and a team of amazing wedding vendors will convince you. The Kamu collection was designed to promote the versatility of the George fabric. We bet you’ll agree that it is perfect for the Northern bride on her big day.


Here’s a description of the collection by the stylist, Ruvero Style:

This collection was inspired by the brides of the north. It seeks to promote the versatility of George fabrics in the Nigerian wedding industry. The styling of the north bride stays very moderate and decent but yet sophisticated, elegant and heavily embellished. George fabric is a perfect representation of what the north loves, it isn’t restricted to ethnicity, age groups or religion, the George fabric can be worn by everyone.

The Kamu collection springs out from the Kamu northern ceremony, This ceremony is centred on the bride, during this ceremony the bride is styled with heavily embellished fabrics, pieces of jewellery, hennas, lally adornments, turban headgear and veil to cover her face. Expensive Perfumes are sprayed on the bride before she is unveiled. The Kamu collection clearly exhibits our luxury 3D Net Georges and lace George fabrics which can be tailored into diverse styles as illustrated by different Abuja Based designers in this collection. Every piece exudes luxury, elegance and an ideal combination of sophisticated modern styling.

The northern groom is styled in agbada made with SHADDAH fabric. with an embroidery woven cap on his head.




Bridal Styling: @style_by_ruvero
Fabrics: @george_by_ruverodesigns
Photography: @felixcrown
Makeup: @ariyike­_mua
Turban and styling: @oni_gele
Location: Castle-E By @ceosayavethinteriors_and_hotel
Black outfit: @ehi.ehii
Navy blue outfit: @kuluabuja
Purple outfit: @msmakor
Teal Green outfit: @avenga
Groom outfit: @deco_d29
Bride Models: @preciousokoye| @miss_derah
Groom Model: @iam_mcleon
Henna: @hennaby_jumai
Purse/shoes: @maronyworld
Jewelries: @garnetheights @tavinbeads
Videography: @Wealthmediahouse
Coordinator: @elithan_events

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