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Bring Your Slay Game with this Edo Bridal Beauty Look

A gorgeous wedding attire + a beautiful makeup = a stunning bride.

Everything about a bride’s look needs careful consideration. Right from her outfit, accessories, hair down to her makeup, every single thing has to be on point. Knowing it is not such an easy decision to make, we’ve got this beauty look to help.

This team of brilliant wedding vendors in Benin put together this beautiful look just for you. Makeup artist, Blooming Shades came through with the nude glam and Famen Wini slayed this beautiful outfit and beads.



In creating this look, the makeup artist, Blooming Shades used the Wynkk Lashes. For the bridal skin glow, Zikel Cosmetics was used and then for those beautiful lips, the Imagic Nigeria lipstick and Talkglam gloss were used.




Makeup: @bloomingshades_
Edo outfit/beads@famen_wini
Photography: @ncourage_photography

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