Seme and Dayo said “I Do” in Style! Take in all The Beauty

We can’t help but get absolutely excited seeing people find love and decide to keep it forever.  Today, our excitement is off the roof and it’s all thanks to Seme and her sweetheart, Dayo.

The two decided to go the foreve route as they said “I DO” in a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Seme was such an elegant bride and Dayo understood the drip assignment. The celebration went several notches higher as they moved to the reception and after-party. Everything about this wedding will have you smiling for the rest of the day.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below:

Did someone say gorgeous bride?

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Perfect representation of love and beauty 😍

Let’s begin with the bridal entrance 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony 😍

Signed and sealed!

Now Mr and Mrs!

Let’s take in the beauty of this decor  😍

It’s wedding reception O’ clock!

Lovebirds coming through in style!

Time for some fun wedding games

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love 😍

Cake as sweet as our love!

Talk about a stunning second look!

Seme came through with that steady slay!

It’s about to be a lit after-party!

Here’s to happy ever after! 😍



Planner @bankysuevents
Photography @awgz.married
Makeup @beautyby.charr
Gele @oni_gele
Hair @adefunkeee
Outfit @sheyeoladejo
Stylist @saobyrami

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