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David Went From an Anonymous Gifter to The Love of Seun’s Life!

One of the many beautiful expressions of love and/or romance is gifting! Now, when you throw a little mystery around it, the intrigue is simply next level. David was definitely very intentional about stealing Seun’s heart and so he started by being an anonymous sender.

Seun received a delicious platter of food from an anonymous sender once, and that sender revealed himself as he slid into her DM. Now, it’s sweet smiles and happy ever after for the two as that simple act brought the both of them together! Today, we get to drool over their pre-wedding shoot and it’s giving us all the feels.

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story as shared by Seun below.

Their love story as Seun tells it:

On the 30th of May, 2019, I got a message from @warachow asking for an address to do a delivery for me as an anonymous sender had paid for a food platter. In my head, I wondered, what anonymous? But who wouldn’t say yes to free food? I obliged and the delivery was made.

After the delivery was made, I got a DM from David. He revealed himself as anonymous and asked if I liked the food. The rest they say is history but thank God I replied! It’s 2 and a half years later and we are going to the altar. 🥰



Bride: @seun_sennaike
Planner: @lh_events
Stylist: @themelangestyling
Photography: @felixcrown

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