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An Old Crush & a DM – See How Sharee & Akindele’s Sweet Love Came To Be

If love is meant to be then it will surely blossom beautifully in its own time. Sharee and Akindele believe that their sweet love couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time and we can’t disagree!

For Akindele, it was love at first sight but he never got the chance to tell Sharee, who happened to be his friend’s sister. Fifteen years passed and an Instagram DM was what it took to ignite this love flame. Now, here we are gushing over their beautiful pre-wedding photos.

Enjoy their beautiful photos and love story as Sharee tells it below.

Their love story as shared by Sharee:

I was 18 and working at the mall. There was a guy that would frequent the store and I would assist just like everyone else. It was my job – I never thought anything of it. I have an older brother who knows a lot of people so his friends would come over to our home, but I was working, in school, and living my life. Akindele just happened to be one of his friends. He says I saw him, but I don’t remember him at all. He would ask my brother about me but back then, you didn’t date your friend’s sister. That’s when he decided that he would marry me one day.

Fast forward 15 years later. I moved back to Chicago and received a message on Instagram. I’m not a big social media person so the message was a couple of weeks old. The person that sent the message looked familiar. I responded and he replied by asking how my family was. I was thinking maybe this isn’t the person I think it is. It wasn’t, it was Akindele.

We started talking and we talked daily for hours. At times we would go to sleep on the phone. We went on our first date, and it just felt so natural to talk to him. We became official on March 6, 2020. During our dating I advised him that I wasn’t wasting time. If we weren’t engaged in 1 year then I would move on. We spent every available moment together. On March 7th, he picked me up from my house and told me to open the glove compartment. I did and there was a box. He opened it and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Of course, I said yes.


Planner @theeventconciergeng
Photography @crispyphotographss


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