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This Yoruba Beauty Look Will Have You Slaying Effortlessly on Your Trad

If we asked you to mention 5 of the most important things to you for your big day, we bet that your look will be among them and probably not even number 5! We know how much it means to you to look your utmost best on your big day.

So, we’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look that makes slaying a piece of cake. The soft glam by Shei Bridal is an alluring drop of goodness, perfect for that special melanin glow. We’re totally loving the unique gele styling by Sally Blaq. The lovely bead crystals do well to add their own slay effect to this look. Slaying effortlessly is simply top tier and this look helps achieve that with ease.  If your traditional engagement is coming soon, then you absolutely want to check out this look.

See the photos of this smooth beauty look below and be sure to let us know what you think.



Makeup: @sheibridal_
Muse: @_vinache
Photography: @creative_vision_photography
Decor: @tayeebat_
Gele: @sallyblaq
Asooke: @lynxxasooke

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