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This Gorgeous Northern Bridal Inspiration is the Right Serve For Your Big Day

Today’s bridal beauty features this astonished Hausa bride, dressed in an embellished black Jalabia flaunting the richness of the Hausa culture and style. Enhanced with lovely gold accessories on the neck and wrist with a beautiful symbolic henna painting. However, as the saying goes “normal is boring” this bride-to-be pulled off two different looks; a calm nude look as well as a fierce and beautiful look with popping red lips.

Are you a Hausa bride-to-be, you should definitely try either of these looks. If you are a lover of calm bridal looks, then there’s one for you but if you are team red lips, then you might want to pin the popping look. You can check out more beauty inspiration looks here.

Let us know your favourite look in the comments. See more looks below:




Makeup: @sweettamara_
Belle: @miss_lola1
Henna artist @amaryadotcom
Photography @yjpictures
Bangles @asoebimarphinefabrics
Dress: @pinkyspice
Lashes @ryanne_john


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