Teniola & Arthur’s Yoruba-Igbo Trad Was A Sweet Fusion of Love, Beauty and Culture

Nigerian cultures are so rich and seeing them being displayed individually at weddings is always a delight. Now, try to imagine how glamorous it will be when two cultures are displayed at one wedding!

It was a fusion of love, beauty and culture as the Yoruba bride, Teniola tied the knot with her Igbo sweetheart, Arthur. The lovebirds did not disappoint as they gave us a colourful love fest to drool over. For their first look, they stepped out in their elegant asooke outfit to perform the Yoruba marital rites. Then Teniola switched to her George outfit and Arthur to his Isiagu to seal their love the Igbo way! It was such a delight to see this harmonious blend of culture which was made possible in an atmosphere of love. Their wedding was an absolute blast and you will certainly love their photos as you scroll.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below and see their white wedding here:

Teniola made such a stunning bride!

Did someone say, dapper groom?

This cute first look has us blushing!

Let’s begin with the groom’s entrance!


Time to pay respect as the Yoruba culture demands!

Now, we await the bride!

Give way, gorgeous bride approaching!

Time to be sent to the groom’s family

It’s a warm welcome!

Teniola came with a befitting fila for her sweetheart!

It’s a perfect fit!

Now Mr and Mrs!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!


We can’t get enough of the lovebirds!   😍

Now, we do this the Igbo way!

Now Mr and Mrs!

Here’s to Happy Ever After!


Bride @tennyola
Makeup @tmtbylayinka
Gele @larrygele
Outfit @d.a.s.s.a.h_
Handfan @glambeadsbyseline
Planner @madame__dubois

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