The Gutsy Collection By Veekee James Was Made For The Bold and Daring Bride!

As a bride-to-be, the key to taking confident strides on your big day lies within your looks. The stellar fashion designer, Veekee James has got the perfect collection to help you achieve this.

Designed for the bold and daring bride, The Gutsy Collection comprises of 11 stunning looks that speak sophistication and class. With captivating characteristics and unique details, every dress in this collection is an ode to the resilient bride who sees her looks as a reflection of her innermost desires. No doubts, this stunning collection aims to make every bride shine as the main character in every scene.

Here’s how the designer, Veekee James described the collection:

This collection is a reflection of my determined and courageous spirit. You know, I have always had this burning desire to succeed in everything I put my mind to and to put Africa at the forefront of the global fashion scene, I could let myself down. Every piece in this collection is uniquely designed to exude modernity, luxury, beauty, chicness, and sophistication to make Brides feel like royalty, confident, bold and radiant on their BIG DAY. Now, let’s talk about the name, ‘GUTSY.’ It perfectly captures the essence of this collection. It represents bravery, determination, courage, and boldness. I chose this name because it truly embodies the journey I went through to bring this collection to life. Despite all the hurdles and challenges, I held onto my dream and worked tirelessly with my amazing team until we finally dropped it. It is a testament to never giving up and staying true to your vision. You are welcome to join the VJ community through the radiant, GUTSY COLLECTION!

Check out the collection below:



Designer @veekee_james
Stylist @style_by_ruvero
Photography @officialphotofreak
Makeup @ariyike_mua | @jhulesb
Hair @hairbyadefunkeee
Hairstylist @adefunkeee_salon
Accessories @cherrysclassic

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