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The Simplicity of This Edo Beauty Look is Why You Should Pin it

Just because the Nigerian culture is diverse, it is only right that we highlight and celebrate our own. This beauty look focuses on the Edo brides and how gorgeously they are dressed for the day. In the embroidered velvet wrapper with coral beads and the horsetail, you can tell that it is from them.

But today, the team of talented wedding vendors behind this look decided to switch it up a bit. They portrayed the Edo bride-to-be in a modern sophisticated outfit with a hair updo that can also pass for the white wedding

Here’s how the hairstylist, Tobbies Touch describes the look:

You can never get it wrong wearing an updo for either traditional wedding or white wedding. This traditional hairstyle is a simple updo embellished with custom coral beads to achieve a unique cultural look.




Photography: @34sndpictures
Hair: @tobbiestouch
Beads Supplier: @beadsbyhayolar
Fashion Styling: @tobiogunbiyi

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