The #OLAPHYDAY Traditional Engagement is One for the Books

Yoruba traditional engagements are always so vibrant. Think of how two people come together to celebrate their love while showcasing their cultural heritage. Lovely!

Bukky and Olowolafe of Laphy Photography had one of those beautiful moments at their traditional engagement in Lagos. We can tell the overall vibe was incredible. We just love how the couple truly reflected their happiness and love at every point. When it was time to party, they totally came ready to have all the fun possible.  Keep scrolling to see for yourself + we do have a surprise at the end of this post for you.

You can also view the #OLAPHYDAY pre-wedding shoot here.


The bride, Bukky shared their love story and you’d definitely want to see read it.

I came across ‘Laphy Photography’ page sometime late 2016 while I was casually scrolling through Instagram in search of a professional photographer for an upcoming family function in Lagos. I really appreciated his work. I kept scrolling through almost the entire page and was just hitting the like button because they were amazing! FYI I had only seen his work, not the face behind Laphy Photography ?. A couple of days later, he requested to follow me and we became “Instagram” friends. Weeks after, he asked for my phone number, in his words “I want to be more than an Instagram friend’


I remember the first time he told me his name is Olowolafe- I thought to myself, that’s such a unique name ~me being a sucker for beautiful names. When he had asked for my last name/surname I jokingly replied “OLOWOLAFE”. Between then and 2017, we lost communicating with each other a few times because life happens. Fast forward to 2018, we connected again, and this time, we communicated frequently, that was when he kinda-sorta ‘asked me out’ but I told him I needed a sign before we start anything ~ coincidentally, few weeks after, I had randomly read somewhere that “asking God for a sign, might actually be a sign” ?



I kinda sorta got a sign and it was a ring doughnut (a story for another day).  We started dating and had talked about settling together and all that adult life stuff! In summer 2019, we went on vacation together. I could sense there was going to be a proposal during the trip, but the most delightful thing was how he had asked. I don’t recall his exact words (as he had first distracted me with the wooden framed pictures of me he had me gushing at) but it the most ecstatic feeling, with tears rolling from my eyes, I said “Duhh!” ?


Then the after-party look


Remember, we said we had a surprise for you, well, this is it. The couple had just a church ceremony after and here are the pictures from their day, enjoy!

Now let’s head over to the church.








Bride: @b.u.k.k.i.e
Groom: @laphyphotography
Planner: @tessallureevents
Asooke: @bimmms24
Groom’s Tailoring: @kinghakbal
Beads: @tavinbeads
Photography:@jopstudios | @blawzstudios
Makeup: @oshewabeauty
Gele: @Taiwostouch
Venue: @classique_event
Place setting: @beyondtastingcatering
Furniture: @trorentals
Ambiance & lighting: @innovatemedia1
Videography: @ladimilanfilms
Wedding Dress: @lacharisnigeria
Suit: @kinghakbal


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