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Want To Be a Dazzling Bride? This Traditional Wedding Inspo is For You!

As far as your big day goes, you are a star. Do you know what stars do? Yes, shine! Today’s beauty look is for the bride who wants to make a golden statement on her traditional wedding.

First, this full-on bridal glam by Ariyike MUA has got that magical pop and exudes an irresistable charm. We can’t get over the multilayered gele by Oni Gele and how the unique pleats stand out elegantly. Also, the intricate details on the dress by Zaynab Saphir NG is totally a show stopper. Everything about this look speaks magnificence and is absolutely perfect for a dazzling bride. You can also check for more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and let us know what you think!


Dress @zaynabsaphirng
Gele @oni_gele
Fabric @kubisfabrics
Gele @kubisfabrics
Accessories @tavinbeads
Purse @tavinbeads
Makeup @ariyike_mua
Photography @tobi.olajolo

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