The Irawo Collection by Toju Foyeh is a Reminder That Every Bride is a Star!

Every bride deserves to feel like a star, or even better put, every bride is a star! The big day is one of those special days where the bride gets to shine so brightly in all her glory.

This bridal collection themed Irawo can be aptly described as elegant and exquisite… Award-winning womenswear designer, Toju Foyeh completely understood the assignment and delivered a masterpiece. Blending modern designs with the core heritage of culture still intact, this bridal collection presents the best of both worlds. The Irawo bridal collection shines a beaming light on the beauty of the Yoruba local fabric -Asooke and depicts glamour and style. You also get a bonus from this collection, yes, unique asooke headpieces that can be worn in place of the traditional geles.

Here’s how brand design describes the collection:

The inspiration for the IRAWO collection is the modernisation of Asooke. Focusing largely on hand beading, this collection shows how versatile and elaborate our local fabric can be. The collection is aimed to appeal to the classic bride/woman who dares to be different. The collection merges different colours, patterns and textures of Aso Oke to add a modern spin on the classic bridal look.


Keeping to the modern spin, the collection introduces aso oke headpieces which can be worn in place of our traditional geles. The final piece of the collection is the matching Aso Oke bags, this solves an old age problem for brides. Brides no longer need to worry about looking for the perfect accessory to match their outfits for their big day. All these elements tie into making the Bride, the IRAWO on her big day…the star of the show.



Outfits: @tojufoyeh
Gele: @abekemakeoverlimited
Makeup: @abekemakeoverlimited for @preciousokoye|@lillianopaul for @ebubec
Jewellery: @geebalo

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