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Torera & Bunmi Met on a New Year’s Eve and It Was Love at First Sight!

By now, you know it’s not news that we’re strong believers of love and this includes love at first sight! That magic and spark that you envelopes on the first day of meeting someone, where you just know you’ve found something special is not a myth! If you’re yet to be convinced, Torera and Bunmi are about to clear your doubt.

The two met by chance on New Year’s eve about 5 years ago, thanks to a mutual friend. A spark turned into a fire that now lights the path to happy ever after for the lovebirds. Now, here we are drooling over their beautiful pre-wedding photos and grinning at their beautiful love story. Love at first sight certainly exists and Torera and Bunmi are solid proof!

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Torera:

I was looking forward to visiting Nigeria for the holidays in December 2017 and was disappointed I couldn’t make the trip with my friends. Little did I know that this decision would have a major impact on my life. A friend invited me to celebrate New Year’s festivities in Toronto, and we checked into a hotel overnight. She informed me that she was meeting a friend briefly in the restaurant at the hotel before we headed out for the night. I was running a little behind and planned on joining them some minutes later. Little to my knowledge the friend was not alone, and I noticed this handsome gentleman sitting next to them. I was taken aback by this attractive guy who shook my hand and introduced himself. Bunmi’s wide grin and charm certainly had me flustered. But in no time, I was comfortable around him as we talked and talked the night away. I found myself interested in everything Bunmi had to say as we had so much in common. Our love for travelling had us talking about all the places we’ve visited. He shared some stories about his travels and the few years he lived in China. I certainly never met a Yoruba man who could speak fluent Mandarin.


We could have sat there all night chatting away until my friend nudged me that we had to get going. Bunmi got up to say goodbye and asked if we could continue our conversation some other time. He asked for my contact information, and we exchanged numbers. He made a comment that he would keep in touch with me into the New Year and we parted ways. I had a great night counting down to midnight and the very first message I received wishing me a Happy New year was from Bunmi. I must admit I didn’t make it easy for him, a girl must do a little shakara haha. However, this chance meeting turned out to be the start of my beautiful journey with Bunmi and the start of our forever love story.

Here’s Bunmi’s side of the story:

December 31st, 2017, I’ll never forget. I remember vividly the first night I met Omotorera, on New Year’s Eve 2017. It will forever be the best night of my life! That evening, my friend and I went out to visit a mutual friend who was visiting from overseas on New Year’s Eve. We went to downtown Toronto where she was staying. While waiting for our mutual friend to join us, we decided to have a drink. A bit later, our mutual friend met us to inform us that she had a friend over that was getting ready because they had a plan to go out later. A few minutes later, Omotorera joined us and to say the least, it was love at first sight to this beautiful lady that just came over to our table and was introduced to us as Torera. She was shy and smiling the whole time and at this point, I was still speechless and was already thinking about how I was going to get her number and all.

Finally, after getting myself together and out of the trance I was in, I joined the conversation that was going on, which was all about Torera. We were talking about how unique her name was, her pronunciation using oyinbo style/accent to say her name; what her full name is/meant. We got talking and yes, I made some corny jokes that got her laughing which made her even more beautiful. While talking, I got to know Torera and I shared a lot in common, especially travelling. Sure enough, I got her phone number with the promise to call later for a date. I can’t forget that the first message I sent afterwards was to wish Omotorera a happy new year and it turned out to be a new beginning as well…



Bride: @torera_xox
Planner: @temsdelightevents
Photography: @f10studio
Makeup: @eminentallure
Hairstylist: @triielitehair
Location: @mintroomstudios

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