Your Guide to Having a Destination Wedding on a Budget

Destination weddings are the new dream for most couples. Think about having an exquisite wedding ceremony on a beautiful Island with family and friends. Somewhere right now, a couple is jumping on a plane, a boat or a helicopter to their wedding at a different location.

As beautiful as that sounds, so does the cost, destination weddings could be quite on the high side. But hey, doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfect destination wedding on a low budget. Before you give up on the thought of throwing a destination wedding on a small budget Torera and her husband share on  ‘how they had a budget Dubai destination wedding’.

“Dubai holds many special memories for us because it was the first place we visited together during our courtship. We knew we wanted something intimate but it had to be on a budget!”

In order to help others who might be considering a destination wedding, we filmed this video detailing exactly how we saved money, and also disclosed exactly how much we spent. Talk about spending £12,000 in total to having a grand ceremony that we loved. Yes, I know, you can get your dream destination wedding even for much less.

See the full video below.

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