When Your Song Comes Up at Your Wedding! See This Congolese Bridal Party Rock

If by now, you don’t know that African weddings are the most lit, we just might need to review your “Africanism”! 🤭 All the vibes and fun that goes down at African weddings and receptions, are simply unmatched.

Popular Congolese artist, BM got married to the love of his life in a beautiful white wedding and the bridal party came fully ready to vibe. The moment his song, Rosalina which went viral on Tik Tok with the #RosalinaChallenge came up… the entire hall went wild with pure joy. The bridal party went straight into challenge mode and delivered on the assignment 100%. The other wedding guests sure couldn’t remain in their seats and also joined in creating an atmosphere of undeniable happiness. While we’re gushing over this video and vibing along, we’re certainly not going to neglect taking dance notes. In fact, we’ll probably file for a certificate after. 😅 Everything about this video is beautiful, it will certainly make your day.

Enjoy the video below:


Featured Image: @artist_bm

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