This Bride is an Energy Queen & She Proved it at Her Reception!

The days leading up to the wedding can be quite stressful as all I’s are being dotted and T’s being crossed. So, if after all this, the couple’s energy remains untouched, then that is definitely a big deal!

This bride literally put the E in the word energy and we absolutely love to see it! Gracing the dance floor with her favourite people cheering her on, she went on to set the pace for energy givers like herself. You’ve just got to love when the celebrants are the life of their own party. We always say that happy brides are the prettiest and this lovely bride sure buttressed that point as she danced so beautifully to the rhythm. Another point established is how beautiful it is to have your people who go all the way to hype you up. This bride was a sure vibe, surrounded by more vibe and ginger as well. You’ve just got to see for yourself and catch on the ginger from this energetic bride.

Enjoy the video below:

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