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This Bridal Beauty Will Add The Spark to Your Trad Look

If you stepped into a wedding where you probably never knew the bride before that day, it is still quite easy to spot her. Say, for instance, the ceremony is yet to begin and she walked past you? You can tell! Her radiance and unique look ultimately sell her out.

This is the strength of an amazing bridal look. In light of this, we’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look from De Pearl Makeup Studios. The glam is absolutely flawless and we’re loving the bold red lippie lined by a darker red shade. The Gele by Chy Gele consists of many intricate layers, laid perfectly to give that “stand out” effect. The accessories blend perfectly, traditional and modern styles. If your traditional engagement is around the corner, then you most certainly want to pin this look.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think.



Makeup: @depearlmakeupstd1
Gele: @chygele
Asooke: @quincy_asooke | @quincybeads
Photography: @samsplashz

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