This Bride Was a Full Energy Tank on Her Trad

We can’t mention enough, how much we love happy brides! Wedding days already carry their own special happiness, as love has got everything to do with it. So when then brides also resonate that energy, it’s such a beauty to behold.

This bride, who is a dancer, got traditionally hitched with the love of her life. As she made her entrance, she literally took us to dance school and brought us back! Her energy and happiness as she rocked the dancefloor were simply off the roof! Resonating so much energy, the entire bridal party sure caught onto the energy and they came through heavily with the hype and vibes. Without an iota of doubt, happy brides are simply a treasure! It’s impossible to not also catch her energy as you watch the video – it is absolutely pure and contagious. Certainly, videos like this go a long way to add colour to our day. So, you can check out more trending videos like this here.

Enjoy the video below and take a pen to “jot down” some dance lessons. 😉

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