Ghana Meets Nigeria & The Dancefloor Goes Up in Flames! 😍

It is a fact that Nigerians sure know how to party. Now, if you’ve been to a Ghanaian wedding, then you know that the same thing applies. Now when a Ghanaian and a Nigerian gets married, you should know what to expect – yes, absolute fire!

This Ghanaian beauty got traditionally hitched with her Nigerian prince charming and the wedding was plenty shades of lit! The couple hit the dancefloor and shook it all up. Just when we thought the groom was the hot stepper, the bride came through giving us sleek moves back to back and we just couldn’t help but join their excitement. The live band was also totally on a whole other wavelength. The beats and general symphony had us bopping our heads to the rhythm as well. Here’s one sure thing with this video, you’re bound to get up at some point and join the celebration because the whole atmosphere and joy is super contagious!

Enjoy the video below. 🀭 Also, to enjoy more trending wedding videos like this, click here.


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