Gotta Love When the Couple’s Energies Match!

Traditional weddings are always so vibrant, colourful and filled with fun. We certainly have our rich cultural heritage to thank for that. When it comes to the fun, this couple sure had it on lock!

The love birds got traditionally hitched in a colourful Igbo wedding and how they expressed that joy is such a sweet sight to behold. When two people decide to be together forever, they sure must have found several things in common. Well, for this couple one of such things is their energy! The beautiful bride went all the way in, digging it on the dance floor and spraying her darling hubby the typical Nigerian way. Now, guess who stepped up to the vibe? Of course, her husband. The two sure went toe to toe on the dancefloor giving us sleek moves. We absolutely love how in sync these lovers are and we just can’t help but grin happily as we take in their energy.

You definitely want to get in the zone and see what we’re talking about. So, watch the video below and rest assured, it will make your day. If you’d like to see more trending wedding videos, just click here.



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