The Squad’s Energy at #EmJo2021 Trad Reception Will Make Your Day!

Along with all the love and sweet emotions that overflow at weddings, another very important ingredient is super-amazing energy. It is always so sweet when the friends of the couple come with extra vibes and energy at the wedding as it all adds to the fun. Memories created on days like this can just never be forgotten.

On this note, we can say that the bridal party at the #EmJo2021 wedding completely understood the assignment, and delivered 100%. Popular comedian and skit maker, Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Craze Clown, and his sweetheart, Jojo¬†tied the knot traditionally and it was so colourful! Groomsmen consisting of other popular comedians teamed up with beautiful bridesmaids to bring the roof down as they made their reception entrance. This is definitely the kind of vibe we like to see and we can’t help love the groove. We bet you’ll be watching this reception entrance video over again and grinning harder every time you do. You can also catch more beautiful videos like this one here.

Enjoy the video below.


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