This Groom & His Squad Came Prepared For The Trad Entrance!

One of the most beautiful things about two people from different cultures getting hitched is how the lovers accept each other’s cultures and become one with them. Now, when you’re getting married to a Nigerian woman, you know you’ve got to get your A-game on!

This groom understood every bit of the assignment and delivered to the letter! Tying the knot traditionally with his beautiful Yoruba bride, the groom and his squad made sure they were on point with the trad entrance. Dancing in to afrobeat jams, they literally came through with finesse. What’s intriguing is the evident effort the squad put into making sure they were one with the culture and we just can’t help but laud that! This video is so beautiful, we bet you’d be watching more than once with a bigger grin each time. You can also catch more beautiful videos like this here.

Enjoy the video below.

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