See How Smoothly Niger & Nigeria Blends at Rachida & Sadiq’s Wedding 😍

Intertribal weddings remain an all-time favourite! It’s always a joy to see people from different spheres going on to do life together.

The beautiful Rachida from Niger got married to her Nigerian Prince charming, Sadiq and it was simply breathing taking! The intense display of the rich northern cultures was simply everything! We just couldn’t get past all the chemistry between the lovers. The celebration was simply at its peak and we can say that everyone truly had fun. There’s a lot of things about this video that just gets you watching it over and over again. From the cultural displays to the music all the cheer and of course, the centre of it all, Rachida and Sadiq’s love. You should absolutely watch this video – it sure will make your day! Also click here, for more trending wedding videos.

Enjoy the video below.

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