This Groom Feeding His Bride on Their Wedding Morning Will Make Your Day!

There are many beautiful moments that accompany the wedding day, right from the wedding morning while preparations are ongoing for the big day. Today, we’re blushing real hard thanks to this adorable couple and their sweet wedding prep moment!

We all know how really important breakfast is – especially on a big day like the wedding day… This groom shares the same sentiment and while his lovely bride was getting all glammed up for the special moment, he took up one assignment – to make sure his queen gets fed! πŸ˜… He made sure to feed her himself and everything about the beautiful moment captured on camera has us grinning from ear to ear. Beyond the act of just feeding her, his excitement while at it, and her heartwarming smile has us in our feelings! Their chemistry and love is totally undeniable and we can’t help but root for them! Videos like this have their way of making our day and that’s why we’ve got a whole lot more like it here.

Enjoy the beautiful video below.

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