This Couple’s Game at Their Reception Will Have You Smiling All Through!

Wedding receptions are really where the fun is. After the sweetness of the joining, and the two are officially one, it’s time to bring on the fun and games. Now, as far as Africans are concerned, we’ve got to bring it on!

This beautiful Ghanaian couple had their traditional wedding and the reception came fully alive with fun games. The beautiful bride had to identify her husband with her eyes closed. Amidst confusing cheers from the guests, she still got it right! Of course, when you love someone, the connection makes all of them, a part of you as well. We couldn’t stop smiling as she checked through a number of men and then correctly identified her husband and planted him a beautiful kiss, still closing her eyes! Risky you say? We say spicy! 😅 Videos like this always make our day. When you’re done here, you can also check out similar trending wedding videos here.

Enjoy the video below.

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