How These Twitter Users Met Their Partners Will Have You Blushing!

All the sweet moments that lead to ‘happy ever after’ will always remain an absolute delight.

From the first conversation to the first date and to creating an inseparable bond the love stories behind every relationship can be described with one word – beautiful! This Twitter thread has us all up in our feelings with a truckload of sweet love stories and you bet we cannot resist. We want you to take in all of the sweetness as well as you scroll.

Here’s the tweet that started the conversation:

Then all the sweetness started rushing in!

Talk about fate! 😍

When the love is meant to be! 🥰

When an accident ends in a beautiful fairytale

Workplace romance? Yes please! 😍

When love keeps bringing you together 🥰

College sweethearts 😍

Aww, It was always meant to be!

Friends playing cupid! 😍

The sweet plot twist we love to see! 😅❤

Love at first sight! 🥰

Follow the thread to find other absolutely beautiful stories! Also, let us know how you met your partner in the comments section! 😊

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