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A Work Event and a Cheesy DM – Here’s How David Won Uju’s Heart

When two people are meant to be, love would always devise a plan to bring them together. Uju and David attended the same university but never got a chance to meet.

Years later, fate brought them together at a business function, and it’s safe to say that destiny had its way. Everything which happened from that moment on was like a magnetic force, drawing them closer to each other. Now, they are on their forever journey and their pre-wedding photos are adding sunshine to our day. They look so stunning together and we are so happy for them as they embark on their forever journey. 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Uju:

David and I met for the first time at a professional event (P.S. We are both engineers). Unknown to us, we had attended the same university and had never met each other before. After the event, he slid into my DM with a cheesy line about spotting me and I shot back saying I didn’t know him from Adam. Little did I know, he would become my best friend, confidant and the most incredible, caring, and handsome man I have ever known. When he popped the question, I couldn’t resist saying yes to my soulmate and forever person.

Their love story as shared by David:

Uju slid so gracefully into my heart from the first day I saw her at a business function. I knew deep down in my heart that she is God’s answer to my prayers, that she is the right one for me. I felt something unusual, with Uju, I felt peace. Since then, we’ve bonded so well and it has been nothing short of bliss with my forever soulmate.


Bride: @mahogany_writer
Groom: @_heyydave
Planner: @goodevnts
Photography: @victorozor_perfection
Makeup: @chuksb_makeover
Gele: @teegele_
Fabrics: @ruthys_piece
Fan: @onyix_craft


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