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Uzo & Bunmi’s Love Story Kicked Off on Their Choir Group Chat

Hey #BellaNaijaWeddings beauties, we are about to bring you hot choir gist ?.

Uzo and her prince charming, Bunmi met on their singles fellowship choir group called “just choir”. Uzo noticed there this very active participant and one day she decided to volunteer for one of his model call-outs (by the way, this is when we tell you to be active on your group chats, you never know what can happen). That pretty much set the stage for this beautiful love story – #MeettheGingers2020!


Here’s how it all started according to the bride-to-be, Uzo:

We met on Daystar singles fellowship choir group called ‘Just choir’.  At the time, Bunmi was still in America for his master’s degree and I had just joined the choir in 2018. We all used to chat on the group, I noticed him because he was super active on the chats and for some reason he thought I was a guy ?‍♀️..

When he came back sometime in September 2018, he posted on the group that he needed a female model for a photo session he was having (then he used to give free photo sessions ?) and I indicated interest but he chose someone else. I was mildly upset but the next week he requested another model and I indicated interest again, it was then he asked me if I was a lady and I’m like, duh, yes I am. We decided to meet up for the photo session at city hall after that we went to Bogo Biri for dinner and we started having ‘private chats’ that didn’t include the just ‘choir group’ anymore ?.. We didn’t start dating until later in the year and the rest is a beautiful history!



Bride-to-be:@dparfumgirl @keshijennifer
Groom-to-be: @bop_portraits @bunmiginger
Planner: @blisseventsng
Makeup: @priceless_signatures
Dress: @livnoireklothing

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