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Vanessa & Stephen Met at a Friend’s Birthday Party

Ever read one of those love stories where it seems like the couple was simply destined for each other? Well, Vanessa and Stephen’s love happen to be like that!

It didn’t feel much like fate when Vanessa and Stephen met for the first time as they barely spoke to each other. However, the two met again at yet another mutual friend’s party! Now, you definitely agree with us that fate had a hand in this. 😅 This time, Stephen wasn’t letting her slip away and he made his move. The lovebirds have now gone the forever way and we’re absolutely loving their beautiful pre-wedding photos and cheering for them! You want to see their full love story the way Vanessa tells it. Keep scrolling to read.

Enjoy their lovely pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story according to Vanessa:

We first met on a night out for a friend’s birthday party! We were introduced by a mutual friend but we barely spoke even though we kept giving each other the eye. lol.

A year later, we met again at another mutual friends birthday party (Imagine! lol). But this time he immediately reintroduced himself and we instantly hit it off.

We spoke all day everyday, went on really cute dates and in no time we were inseparable. We became best friends and spoke every single day.

As the relationship progressed, we both felt as if we had known each for a life time, so marriage was the next obvious step! And could not wait to spend the rest of our lives together.



Photography: @sorce_photography


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