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Vanessa & Tebi’s Cameroonian-Nigerian Love Story will Have you Blushing

The beautiful thing about love is how it brings two people together from different backgrounds to become soulmates and share their lives together.

Cameroonian bride, Vanessa met her Nigerian prince charming, Tebi on a day when she could never have thought that it was going to happen. While trying to send off a package at the FedX station, Tebi’s eye caught her and he knew he had to talk to her. Somehow by just mentioning he was Nigerian, he caught her attention and now the rest is history.

Gladly both the bride and groom share their side of the story, read all about it below.

Here’s how their love story started according to the bride, Vanessa:

In the bright and hot summer of Houston back in 2010, I took a trip to FedEx to send a package to Cameroon and there he was standing in line behind me. I had no clue someone behind was paying attention to what I was doing or even saying, but apparently he caught my french accent and the fact that I couldn’t speak well (my English was very poor then as I was still learning). I dropped my package, finished my errands and left the store. Still without a clue that I was being followed, I went on to wait for the bus.

While I was at the bus stop minding my own business, here comes Tebi aka my Tboo who asked to talk to me. Scared, as I was new in the country and didn’t like talking to strangers in the streets, I said no. He insisted and told me he was African like me and I felt a bit safe and spoke to him. One thing led to another, we stayed friends for 2 years and started dating in 2012. Seven years down the road we are now married and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

So they say the darker the berry the sweetest the juice. When I first laid my eyes on someone I never imagined I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I never knew what wonders could happen by just setting a foot into the FedEx store. When I arrived to mail a package, I was 5th in line and Vanessa my beloved was 1st in line and already speaking to the FedEx representative. At the very moment, I noticed dark-skinned chocolate in front holding up the line due to her poor English at the time. She spoke French 100% and she spoke English minimally. Just looking at her from the back and I could guess she would be more gorgeous when I saw her face.

When she turned around, I felt a pause in my heartbeat as she walked by me heading out of the store. I then looked at the line and saw I was now 4th in place and I said to my self, what is more, important. At that moment I ran outside and for some reason, the 30 secs I waited trying to gather endurance to speak to her and what line to throw out there, I found out that she already went outside and crossed the road since then she wasn’t driving.

As Tebi,  I entered my car, and I kept my eyes on her from a distance like an eagle, because the red traffic light had me on stop with my heart beating like a drum. I eventually made some crooked ways around the red light and when I got to her, I tried speaking to this Very Delicious Chocolate but guess what?! She looked at the handsome man “ME” and then turned away and I said in my mind, I like this. Now she has awoken the Lion in me, and then I yelled to her and said “ I am Nigerian” from the car lol. She then stopped and looked back again and came a little closer and I said to my self that Ah, I get hit line oh. I am truly blessed to be Nigerian. Right from then, the rest is history.


Bride: @vanbsberry
Groom: @vtamour2019
Makeup: @colordujour
Hair: @unbleavablehair
Photography: @agabastudios
Planner: @doyinfash_
Venue: @sanssouciballroom
Dresses @winniecouture | @topefnr
Groom’s suit: @kimonokollection

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