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This Stunning Beauty Look Says It’s Wedding Reception O’clock!

Hey Gorgeous bride-to-be! How do you feel knowing the big day is almost here? We bet you are excited. Well, guess what? We are too! So, to take your excitement a notch higher, we have brought you the perfect wedding reception look for your wedding.

First, we’ve been charmed by this soft glam by Chiniella Beauty!  Also, this dazzling dress by Naza Bulam is simply gorgeous. Hair by Ehis did a lovely job with this sleek low bun which was perfect for this look. Altogether, this is one exquisite look we know would be just right for your wedding reception, and we trust you will thank us later. You can find more beauty looks here.

Check out the photos below and share your thoughts with us.



Makeup: @chiniellabeauty 
Photography: @geosephetim 
Outfit: @nazabulam 
Decor: @narniaevents
Jewellery: @brides_blings_n_tiaras

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