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Love Happened The First Time Ameyaw Set His Eyes on Wendy!

Wendy and Ameyaw are the lovebirds sending butterflies all over our bellies today!

It all began in 2015 when Ameyaw was in search of a place with electricity to carry out his final-year project. His project partner suggested they go to a friend’s house and that was where Ameyaw met Wendy. He took just one look at her and he was hooked! His friend knew Wendy and Ameyaw would make a perfect pair and we now see why.

They clicked at that instant and now they get to be together forever! Their pre-wedding photos are absolutely beautiful. Their sweet love and joy are so glaring and we’re super stoked for this pair!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Ameyaw:

Wendy and I met in 2015 during the heat of the dumsor era. I was working on my final year project with my project partner and needed a place with electricity to work. My project partner suggested we go to his friend’s house since they had a power plant. While working on our project I kept hearing “Wendy is on her way here and she is bringing me Epo rice.”

I wasn’t interested in that particular conversation because I didn’t know who this Wendy was. But in all honesty, upon seeing her that night, we just clicked (She was interesting to chat with). I thought and still think she is REALLY PRETTY (Wendy: somebody’s son was already feeling the girrrrrl!!! hihihii!! I mean who wouldn’t), not forgetting the leopard skin top she had on that day, meehn it really captured my gaze.

It’s one of those things where people just like you, and believe you will be good for their friend (in this case, Wendy). 7 years down the line and now, we’re on the road to forever. Couldn’t have imagined myself doing this with any other person. Wendy has been my forever favourite person, my intercessor, my favourite chef and my bestie. Together is a beautiful place to be because I have her in it. I really can’t thank God enough for how far he has brought us.



Bride-to-be @_wendhie
Groom-to-be @Ameyaw_kvng
Planner @ernesang_events_ushering
Photography @jema_photography

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