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Will You Rock a Coral Headband for Your Igbo Trad?

The Igbo bride is a beautiful work of art with coral beads, statement hairstyles and of course, the outfit that makes everything complete.

Knowing this it is important that an Igbo bride is a complete representation of this beauty on her big day without compromising on her style, personality and trends.  This beauty look was put together as a modern interpretation of an Igbo bridal look with the hand-beaded coral headband.

Here’s a short description of this shoot by Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry:

It’s a modern interpretation of an Igbo bridal look, with accessories like the hand-beaded coral headband by Gbenga Artsmith (as against the usual bead adornments or beaded tiara).







Belle: @theelizabeth_
Accessories: @gbengaartsmith
Dress: @january8th_style
Photography: @bonnevielagos
Makeup: @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers
Hairstyling: @hairtingle
Styling: @gbengaayodada

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