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Yinka & Ibukun Went From Venue Searching Together to Forever ?

Life sometimes hands us more than we initially expected from certain situations and this is not always a bad thing. In fact, in this case, it is a very pleasant one! When Yinka and Ibukun were introduced, it was simply for class purposes. Then life gave more! ?

Yinka met Ibukun through her class representative as she was planning the class picnic. Ibukun was to help on her location search and then things got sweet after that! The two are now on their journey to forever and we just can’t help our excitement. We bet you want to know how it all played out. Well, the love birds share all the juice with us, so just keep scrolling to find out. We’re also loving all the beautiful photos from their pre-wedding shoot. From their smiles to the glee and love in their eyes -Yinka and Ibukun have us completely love struck.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story according to Yinka:

Ibukunoluwa and I met in 2015. I was the social executive for my class and was planning a picnic. I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t check locations easily. Ibukun on the other hand was in my class and had a car. My class representative linked us up and requested that Ibukun take me location searching which he did.

After then, he would always take me to class from my hostel and back after class every day. During these early periods, I remember Ibukun speaking about our wedding day and how he would get me a Vera Wang wedding dress and I laughed at it because I mean, we weren’t even close friends then.

Right after University, he relocated to the states and it was a tough ride. Distance is the worst and best thing that could happen in a relationship. We fought multiple times but we made up and ensured we visited at least once every year.

He spoke about getting married and though it seemed like a huge step for me, I couldn’t think of anyone else to do it with asides Ibukunoluwami.

Their love story as Ibukun shares it:

I had always seen Yinka in class even though she claims to never have noticed me till we were introduced. She was one of the reserved girls who didn’t talk much so we never spoke till the day our class representative reached out to me that he needed me to help take a classmate out for location visits.

That classmate was Yinka. We became closer after that day and few weeks into talking and seeing as friends, I knew that one day, Olami and I were going to get married.



Bride-to-be: @yinkamb
Photography: @awgzzz @awgz.married
Planner: @tessallureevents
Makeup: @adenikeglamz
Shoes: @yinkamb
Bride’s outfit: @yinkamb

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