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Rocking Monotone Red on Your Trad is a Sure Slayer Guide!

Hi there, Yoruba bride-to-be. This is a love note straight from our heart to yours. One beautiful thing about the Yoruba bridal culture – slaying is essential. It is in fact, a plus for the culture to get hitched to the love of your life, as fabulously as you can be. Of course, this is every bride’s dream.

On that note, we’ve got this sleek bridal beauty look for you. The soft glam by Faces by Zeemy, has us smoothly captivated – bringing to light that sublime natural glow. Mr Ray Gele comes through with the multilayered Gele which has certainly become an all-time fave. We’re saying a big yes to the monotone red outfit as it blends with the soft glam to give us a perfect mix of simple and elegant. If you haven’t settled on a look before now, you should totally pin this sleek look beautifully captured by Zircon Photography.

Check out the photos below and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. 😉



Makeup: @facesbyzeemey
Gele: @mr_ray_gele
Jewelries: @sbjewelryng
Nails: @herleenx_dynastee
Clutch and shoe: @favour_empire111

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