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Valerie & Samuel went From Office Friends to Lovers

Ever heard the phrase, “opposite attracts”? Well, this may not be related only to physics after all, as these love birds who we’re absolutely gushing over today are showing us. Yes, today, we’re all about Valerie and Samuel!

The couple started out as work buddies with one being the introverted type and the other, fully vibrant and extroverted. Well, this lovley Ghanaian couple evolved from just friendly co-workers to so much more. Now as it is, Physics is not the only thing we’re referencing. Valerie and Samuel are also exuding so much chemistry it’s impossible not to blush! 😅 Valerie shares with us, how they moved from the colleague space to the forever ship – all of which you would enjoy as you scroll.

Feel all the love in their super sweet pre-wedding shoot below:

Their love story as told by Valerie:

I am an extrovert and he is an introvert. We worked together in the same company, previously, and mostly went home together after work.

I would usually bug him with my long talks and get him to hang out with me on weekends, which he didn’t like. After years of magic moments and roller coaster rides, we are finally here!



Photography: @jemaweddings
Planner: @Burgundyeffects
Videography: @cliq_kofi
MC: @georgebannerman

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