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3 Couples Date Night Ideas to Try Out During COVID by The Adanna & David Family

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As you’re aware we haven’t quite returned to the ‘normal’ we once knew. Even though many folks have found themselves back to work in some fashion, the hospitality industry is still very much operating under low capacity, meaning that many establishments aren’t open for you to enjoy some time with your partner and loved ones. But fear not, as there are other creative ways in which you can go about keeping the romance alive even while staying safe.


Movie Night

Although the cinemas are not yet open for business, many production houses have started rolling out their latest releases for viewing online. This means you can still catch the latest blockbuster. If you find that you don’t have access to these movies, don’t worry, there’s plenty of options available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. There are streaming services you can access that offer a free trial which will come at no cost to you if you decide not to extend it.

The beauty of movie nights at home is that you can make it as cosy as you want it to be. From the sofa with the lights dimmed low, to the bedroom or even your garden for viewing on a projector while wrapped up, with popcorn in hand or whatever it is you fancy from your kitchen and fridge which will still work out to be very much cheaper than your average cinema.  If you have kids and don’t have someone to look after them, you can also include them in movie nights as it’s a good way for the family to spend time together and bond. 


Cosy Dining 

If you enjoy cooking and don’t mind it, you can whip something for you and your partner. Or better still, you both can share the experience and whip up some food together while you enjoy it over a romantic table setting. You can use candles to create a mood and pop open a bottle of wine or if you don’t drink, there are alcohol-free sparkling wine options to also consider. Now I’m writing this, I feel a sudden craving for cheese, wine with olives and bread, lol. And if you’re not in the mood for cooking, that’s fine. You can order some takeout as some restaurants are still offering this service. 

If you find yourself with young kids like us, you can plan this after they’re fast asleep in bed. Allowing you and your partner to enjoy a late-night rendezvous. And if you find yourself with older kids at home, you can enlist their services as butlers for the evening while you and your partner sit back and relax. 


Romantic Walks or Drive

Never underestimate the power of taking a walk hand in hand with your partner. It’s a nice way to bond and be present for each other. As it’s summer, you can enjoy the sunset together and cherish the moment while at it. You can take some snacks with you and stop in a park for a break and some reflection. If you’d rather drive,  pick up a drive-through meal and find a place you both enjoy the view of and eat. 


A bonus suggestion could be reading a book in bed. Your partner can read theirs and you yours in the quiet of the evening with a brew next to you. A great way to ease into the night. 


In Summary 

Make some time to keep the romance alive. Examine your lifestyle and explore the options that best allow you to spend quality time with your partner, making sure to stay safe while doing so.

If you have other ideas, please do share in the comment box and we’ll be happy to read from you.


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