These 6 Tips Will Help You Choose the Right Wedding Videographer

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The last time, we talked about why you should have pre-wedding video shoot and I’m sure you found out why you should. Today, I want to help you choose the right videographer for your wedding. I know you’d like to capture every moment of your day in the best way possible, well for you to do that you must get the right videographer for you. So, I’d be sharing 6 tips to help you choose the right wedding videographer.



Check reviews and recommendations

The wedding industry largely runs on references and recommendations made either by word of mouth or by the use of the internet. It is important to consider the options that come highly recommended by friends, family and oftentimes, strangers on online platforms like chat rooms and social media where you get to read testimonies of people’s real-life experiences with certain videographers. Taking time out to check reviews and recommendations will also help you ensure that your choice of videographer has a good recommendation and track record.


Look at their portfolio

A portfolio is an artist’s body of creative work which often reflects an artist’s predominant styles. Examining your potential videographer’s portfolio will help you narrow your options and ensure that your videographer’s style matches your vision. The last thing you want to do is hire a videographer with a more eccentric style only to try and tame him or her into adopting a more simplistic style. You want your videographer to be as comfortable in their creativity as possible so as to achieve the best possible result.


How concerned are they about you and your big day?

The best wedding videographer is the one who sees past the cheque that he or she has collected and sees you- a future bride or groom who just wants an excellent recollection of their big day. He or she puts themselves in your shoes and delivers work that satisfies. You want your videographer to care about you and your guests and your wedding so much so that he or she goes above and beyond to produce the kind of video that will not only be worth the money you have paid but a video that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.



Professionalism is a key factor to consider when hiring a videographer for an event as important and time-sensitive as a wedding. This entails punctuality, as well as appropriate carriage, conduct and preparedness. You want your wedding videographer to show up to your venue on time, well dressed, prepared and ready to carry out the task at hand without putting you or your guests off by reason of their appearance, conduct or carriage.


Delivery and Packaging

Professional wedding videographers typically have an array of packages for clients to select from. These packages determine the service provided and also the delivery time and format. Wedding videography services range from one-minute highlight videos to videos lasting up to an hour depending whichever the couple prefers. Delivery time can range from a couple of days to a couple of months depending on how soon the couple would like to have the footage. The wedding video can also come in a private link or DVD formats. Other times, the couple can request to have the wedding video on a flash drive. Whatever choice you make, ensure that you hire a wedding videographer that has the means to meet your needs.


Dare to trend

Social media sites now have pages dedicated solely to appreciating excellent weddings and wedding videography. And while not everyone is interested in seeing their big day featured on an Instagram page, many anticipate their weddings being featured on such highly coveted platforms and selecting the right wedding videographer can just be your golden ticket to trending on that eminent Instagram page. Remember, people recognize and appreciate quality work when they see it. If your goal is to trend, you might want to begin your search for a wedding videographer on one of those sites because word on the street is that they are often recycled.

Those are my tips on how to find the wedding videographer of your dreams. So you can have the wedding video that you will cherish for all the days in your marriage.

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    Olivia Smart
    March 9, 2022 at 6:44 PM

    Thank you for explaining that you should you should look at a videographer’s portfolio to see if it matches your vision. My daughter is thinking about hiring a videographer for her wedding this summer. I’ll be sure to share this with her and see if she can find someone whose style she likes.

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