Here’s Why You Should Totally Go for a Pre-wedding Video Shoot

Hey family!  It’s always a pure joy when I get to share with you. The last time, we talked about 5 tips to help you get that must-watch wedding video. I am pretty sure, there was something new to learn. Well this time, I want to talk about the pre-wedding video shoot. I know, not many people think its a necessity. So let’s see why you should totally go for a pre-wedding video shoot.

But first, what exactly is a pre-wedding video shoot?

As the name suggests, it is a video shoot of a photo session which is taken before the actual wedding. It can involve the couple telling a story about how they met, what they love about each other, and how they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives with each other. It involves shooting a video of a couple’s moments, that can be viewed on the wedding day or can be saved for future use.  Some people might reason that there is absolutely no need for a pre-wedding shoot as a result of it being expensive. Luckily, for people that think like that, there is an easy way to convince them otherwise!

Pre-wedding videography isn’t what it used to be. First of all, there wasn’t a lot of wedding videography going on in the past. In the past, most couples would dress in a simple T-shirt and jeans or any casual outfit, smile and take a picture, and that’s it. That’s their pre-wedding photo! Whew! Today, however, people are coming up with inexpensive and creative ways of shooting that perfect, creative and romantic picture. How you may ask? Well, one thing that may help is planning your pre-wedding shoot 2-3 months before the wedding. This will give your photographer and videographer a better idea on what your best angles are. Furthermore, you and your partner can be creative and plan how you want the video shoot to go, as well as what each of you will say.


Why is it important to do a pre-wedding video shoot?

Picture this. A few guests or a few family members arrive at your house a few months after the wedding. You want to entertain them for a bit while you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen, and to keep them interested, you bring out one of the clips that have the pre-wedding videos and you entertain them with it. They begin to watch it with so much interest because they did not know that part of your marriage story. Seeing new pre-wedding videos will interest them so much and can also be a conversation starter. That is where pre-wedding video shoots come into place.

They can also be added to your wedding memories. You can also use your pre-wedding videos during the wedding. It can be played on the big screen for everyone to show how you guys first met and why you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. This will help your guests appreciate being at your wedding more and also make them feel like a part of your love story.

In the long run, a couple can choose to show their children videos of themselves when they grow older. I mean when you get “how did you meet mummy or daddy” in the future, it will be a good time to show them mummy and daddy met. You can watch it together as a family, the kids get a view into how you both decided to make this journey and for the coupe, it takes you down memory lane and helps remember the feeling of joy they on their wedding day/pre-wedding shoot.

At times, a couple can go through a hard time and forget the reason they even got together in the first place. So, a couple going through a hard time might need to watch these videos to remind themselves of the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

So as you can see, pre-wedding video shoots are a complete necessity, if you don’t want a bland wedding. You definitely want to have something to look back to after your wedding day, so let it be this!

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