5 Tips to Help You Get a Must-Watch Wedding Video

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I’m all about capturing wedding memories in the most beautiful way. Hence why I am constantly dropping tips to help achieve. The last time, I talked about 6 things you should expect from your wedding videographer. Now let’s talk about how to get a must-watch wedding video.

Wedding videography is not a new phenomenon; however, it has evolved in practice from its initial dreary documentary style to the shorter, more cinematic videos that the internet is riddled with. I know we all like to pretend that social media means nothing to us, but let’s face it, it does!  While some videos tug at our heartstrings, others have us saying like the Ariana Grande song: thank you, next. Though we act like we are above the influence, you can admit that you feel a tug at your heartstrings when you see those wedding highlights. You can admit to the hours spent on Instagram and data bundles exhausted while at it. Don’t worry, we see you- that awestruck look on your face is hard to mask. We feel you- some wedding videos are mesmerizing. We hear your secret thoughts and we’re here to answer the question that has settled at the corner of your mind- how do I achieve this?  So here are five ways to make your wedding video a must-watch:


Keep a bright countenance


You don’t have to be in a wedding party to know just how stressful a wedding can be; some wedding videos are enough proof. However, if you have been in one either as a bridesmaid or groomsman you know that underneath all those layers of fabric and perfume is a whole lot of sweat and that for a day so meticulously planned, things tend to the south as tensions go northward. It is so easy for the stress and chaos behind the scenes to be caught by one of many cameras panning across the room and this can have a horrible effect on your wedding video. You don’t want to look back on your wedding and cringe, so here’s a tip; even if your dress is too tight or your pants are too loose- smile, it’s your wedding day.


Be real with your emotions


Weddings are typically emotional, but emotions can be lost when, in the bid to make all the planning worth their while, the couple controls every single moment by acting and posing as opposed to being free and fully immersed in each moment. When this happens, movements come off as stiff and awkward, and a wedding day quickly morphs into a day-long video shoot and trust me, these are not always as fun as they look. The best way to achieve a sense of realness in your wedding video is to ignore the camera of course until you need to pull a funny face. I realize how this seems to directly contradict my first point but the idea here is- try not to suck the fun out your big day in the quest for that picturesque quality. The best wedding videos are the ones that capture raw emotion. So save yourself the stress, loosen up, and keep it real. Cry, smile, shout and laugh out loud if you have to. It’s all part of your story.


Give your videographer a heads up


While it is expected of every wedding videographer worth their name to come prepared, they might need a rundown of what and who to look out for, especially when you have something special planned for your guests such as a celebrity appearance and performance, or a fireworks display at the end of the ceremony. Keep your videographer informed of all the special moments that you would love to be captured.


Grant your videographer interviews


Hearing people’s thoughts in their own words brings an interesting spin. It reflects the relevance of other people, not just the bride and groom. Another way to do this is letter writing. You could have a letter written from the bride to the groom or vice versa which could be read aloud and recorded. Other times, letters written by a parent to the bride or groom are enough to evoke such powerful emotion. Interviews are a great way to make your wedding video priceless. Capturing the words, voices and facial expressions of the couple, relatives and well-wishers can eventually serve as great memorabilia.


Leave room for creativity


I don’t know about you, but the idea of babying a videographer instead of having the time of my life at my wedding does not sound appealing in any way. It is expected that due diligence must have gone into the selection of a wedding videographer and it is important for one to trust that whoever is hired knows what he or she is doing. This allows giving room for him or her to express creativity. You want your videographer to enjoy shooting your wedding because that is when he or she does the best work when the creative juices are free-flowing.


I realize that you probably have not been told all you contribute to making your wedding video spectacular but the truth is that the onus not only rests on the videographer, but also on the couple and then the guest, but no pressure, just follow these tips and you will be just fine.

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