Thinking of Having a Destination Wedding? These 5 Tips by JD Events Will Help

Editor’s Note: Hey there, BellaNaija Weddings Fam! It’s day 4 of the BellaNaija Weddings Freshers Week and it’s been a blast. We sure hope you’re having as much fun as we are. Today, we’re bringing you 5 tips on planning a destination wedding by BellaNaija Weddings Fresher planner, JD Events.

When we hear destination wedding we assume too much stress and expenses but that’s not the case, it can even be less expensive and less stressful.  One pro of a destination wedding is that very few guests as not everybody can travel, thereby making it for intimate for the couple and with a good planner, planning will also be easy. If a couple decides to have a destination wedding it means they want a much intimate ceremony with family and a few friends.

It also allows them to be on a vacation with their loved ones at the same time, there might be no need to plan another trip for the honeymoon. They can choose to stay back after their guests leave or move to another location in the same county. There are several reasons to consider a destination wedding like getting married in a dream location, proper relaxation, and your family and friends would get to travel and experience something different from the ordinary. With a destination wedding, a honeymoon starts the minute you say I do.

So, here are the 5 tips on planning a destination wedding…

 Create a Budget

Create a budget and stick to it, try to avoid spending excess. Budgeting is very important, it helps you know the exact amount you’re willing to spend and it helps with further planning because if you know how much you’re willing to spend, it helps in picking location and other plans.

Decide on your Destination

It’s always best to choose a location that can literally work for everybody. Visa approval friendly and accommodation friendly. With that, you will also be considering your guest based on the fact that they would have to cater for all their travel expenses.


 Visit in Advance & Consider Guest Lodging

It’s important to see and take a tour of your venue, see the vendors and possibly have a meeting. If you’re bringing any vendor from home, you’re expected to cover their expenses. It’s also best to arrive at least 3-5 days earlier. Offer several hotel options with different price ranges to your guests and keep all suggestions close to the wedding venue.

 Give Your Guests a Prior Notice

Your family and friends will need to know way ahead of time so they can also plan and budget. Early booking makes flights more affordable. Make sure to inform them of all the details.

 Research Local Marriage Requirements

Countries have different marriage requirements so it would be proper to make adequate research on the particular country you to want travel to. You want to make sure that the reason you are going there is in alignment with the country’s policies.




Planner: @__jdevents
Décor: @sarmmie_infinitydecor | @proposalbells
Photography: @raremagic_gallery
Location: @ebonylifeplace
Wedding dress/suits: @chiquebridals | @kimonokollections
Makeup: @beatsbysmallz_

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