7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding in 2020


Hello couples, I know it’s been a minute. Well, I am back and ready to get you all gingered to have your ceremony even now. But first, I am hoping you have read my last feature on the 8 things you should know before choosing your wedding venue. This time, I’ll be sharing on 7 reasons why you should move ahead with your wedding ceremony this year.

2020 has been such an interesting year. I say interesting because we typically switched from having weddings for the first few months of the year to being locked in our homes for days. Then things opened up a bit but with many guidelines as to social gatherings. This led to a number of couples cancelling/rescheduling/postponing their wedding. Gladly, things are slowly getting back to normal and events can go on now. So if you have been wondering if you should go ahead with your wedding plans now, this is the confirmation you need, please go ahead.

Honestly, you should be fired up right now and making plans to go ahead with getting married and having a micro celebration planned out.  Here are some marriage celebration preparations that are safe to go ahead with now with your reduced number of guests are:

a. Proposals
b. Micro Introduction
c. Micro Bridal shower / Bach eve
d. Micro Civic ceremony with a photo area for pictures
e. Micro Church ceremony with a photo area for pictures
f. Micro Nikkai ceremony with a photo area for pictures
g. Micro fun wedding reception

Any of these celebrations can be planned out magically and to your taste now more than ever.

Here are 7 reasons why you must move ahead with your wedding ceremony now:

You can be officially married

There’s no need to wait anymore to be married to the love of your life and start a life together. You can just do it now.  Also, there is enough money for that dream honeymoon you have always wanted from saving up some wedding expenses. It is safe to that #marriageisnotcancelled.

You get to save money

Just because you don’t have to plan to get a really big event, you get to save loads of money by creating your dream ambience, details and hiring your favourite vendors at a much-negotiated price and to your taste.

You can have a controlled physical attendance

As an event planner based in Lagos Nigeria, we know how largely populated Lagos parties can be but now more than ever, you can control and streamline your guest list. Due to COVID-19, most people understand that they may have to be invited to attend your wedding via zoom. Putting together a 50-man guest list can now include a few of your closest family and friends who you would love to physically experience the joining ceremony with while gifting them in a more personalized and meaningful way.

You can eat your cake & have it

You can be married officially now with a micro ceremony and still have a massive party later. You may still choose to have a bigger wedding reception next year or a big 10th year wedding anniversary celebration.

 There are more personalized & creative options

You can have more daring unconventional setups, have unconventional photo shoots, have more personalized details, themes, locations, vows & program. My shy couple who had rejected reading out their personalized vows in front of their 500 guests mentioned to me last week that they have now decided to read out their personalized vows because they are now having a micro wedding celebration with 50 guests. Only the people closest to them are attending their wedding and they are open to much more ideas which they were initially uncomfortable with. Simply said enjoy the moment.

Unique food & drinks options

In an intimate event, every guest is a VIP and can be served like a king with a chef and proper waiters. The reduced number gives you an advantage on many sides, your guest gets to be treated individually and have every of their need met without worrying about so many people.

Spend on what’s important and have more gifts

We already established that you’ll be saving money with a micro-celebration. The good thing is now, you can get to splash more money on your appearance, wear that dream outfit, get your preferred photographer and receive the meaningful wedding gifts from your loved ones.


So feel free to go ahead with your wedding plans, you should also aim to have a stress free planning process by hiring a professional to guide you so that you can sit back, relax and be taken care of.

Need more information? I am here to give you more tips on how to get it right, drop a message in the comment section.


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