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Moshood knew Abby was Going to be his Bride from the First time He saw Her!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! We can go on and on saying yes to this expression of Abby and Moshood‘s love. Look at them look so in love! Our hearts are all aflutter just seeing all that glow on Abby’s face and we’re loving it.

Their pre-wedding shoot photos are so lit and we’re not just talking with smiles and all, but their style too. Simple, classy and fabulous. Once again, yes please! These two are definitely boo’d up for life and they’re letting us see it here.

Read how they met below in Abby’s words.

Take a look at their simply amazing photos below and click here for more.

“I was in Miami with three of my friends to celebrate our college graduation milestone in August 2015. My friends and I had a very busy morning, and to be honest, I just wanted to sleep in all day. Who sleeps in on a vacation? Me! Lol. My friends wanted to go to the pool so badly but I was very hesitant. My girls went ahead without me and they met Moshood’s crew who was also vacationing in Miami for a bachelor party. They all had a chat since we are all one Nigeria. Lol”.

“Moshood’s crew invited my girls to dinner that night and when they got back to the hotel, they told me to get dressed up and look cute. We all went to dinner and I met everyone. Moshood approached me and we started talking. We were giggling and talking about everything. It felt like we had known each other in our previous lives”.

“I know this is weird but I remember vividly that night, Moshood looked at me and said, “you are going to be my wife”. In my head I was like “what’s wrong with this guy?” because it was the point in my life when I wasn’t looking for a relationship. We left Miami and we didn’t stop communicating. I finally agreed to be his girlfriend a year later and it has definitely been worth it. It was the beginning of something amazing”.

“Funny thing is I met Moshood in August 2015 in Miami, he proposed to me in August 2018 and we are getting married in August 2019. He was also born in the month of August. August is a winning month!”


Bride-to-be: @oloriolashile
Photography: @yemikingsphotography
Bridal Stylist: @lavish_bridal
Hair: @ferdinandshair
Makeup: @bregha
Hashtag: #AMoodForever





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