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Adanma and Ikechukwu’s Journey Started With a Fun Night Out in Uni!

Once upon a fun night out, Adanma and Ikechukwu’s love story began! 😍

Adanma and her friends were out to have a fun night but love had some sweet plans in store. It let her right to the doorsteps of Ikechukwu and what ensued was a sweet fairytale. Now, they are set to do this forever and we are super stoked! Their pre-wedding shoot photos are nothing short of cute and we can feel the love in each frame. They are adding smiles to our day and we bet they will have the same effect on you.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Adanma:

I met Iyke in 2018 during my 300-level days at the University (FUTO). That day, I was partying with my friends in their room and we got a little bit too tipsy. I’m not sure whose idea it was but we decided to follow the music we heard on the other side of the lodge. We danced till we got to the door and the music was coming from the guys inside. They heard our loud voices and came out (he was one of them). They noticed we were tipsy and saw us off back to our room. The next morning, I dressed up for lectures and on my way out, I saw him staring at me from across the room but I didn’t know why. Later that day he and his friends walked up to us and told us what had happened the night before. That was the beginning of our beautiful friendship that grew stronger eventually.

Their love story as shared by Ikechukwu:

I met Adanma in 2018 at the University. I had just moved into a new lodge with my friends and on one faithful night, while I was playing video games with my friends and listening to music, we heard loud noises from outside my room. We came out and saw 4 ladies dancing outside my door (she was one of them). I eventually realized they were tipsy. I and my friends escorted them back to their rooms to sleep. The next morning I saw her dress up for lectures like nothing happened and I couldn’t help but admire her. I noticed she didn’t know who I was. So later that day, I went to introduce myself as the guy who saved their lives… that was the beginning of our love story.


Bride @gar_biee
Bride’s outfits @julietchrisfashion
Groom’s outfits @scofieldcreativity
Two-piece @jonasurbandesign
Makeup @mz_weezzy
Hairstylist @hairbyochuba
Planner @manger_events
Videography @daras.imagery
Photography @zealsphotography

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