The #AAForever Love Story Started at a Wedding! Adaobi & Arinze’s Wedding in Enugu

Love is everywhere and we are here for it.

The #AAForever love story began in such a beautiful way. Arinze spotted Adaobi at her brother’s wedding after-party and just knew he wanted to get in touch. Though he couldn’t get to her on that day, he found a way to reach her. The very first time they met after talking at length on the phone, Arinze knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her by his side.

A few weeks ago, the couple tied the knot in the most beautiful way in Enugu. Their green-rustic themed wedding was planned by  STM Magical Creations Events and captured by Lucas Ugo Weddings.


Here’s how the #AAForever love story started:

It all started one Saturday morning in June 2019 when my cousin called and said someone was asking her for my number. I was reluctant the first time she asked because I naturally prefer to be asked for my number directly rather than going through a third party. But after some days she called again and said I should allow her to give my number to him, that it’s just a number and he is a cool and nice guy, so I told her I hope he is a fine boy and she answered in the affirmative so I told her she could give him my number.



He called the next day and he sounded quite polite and cool, so I asked him why he was asking for my number and if he has met me before. He said yes, that he saw me at my brother’s after-wedding party in January, he wanted to approach me when he saw me but he couldn’t because he had a lot of his homeboys around. He said afterwards he was asking my brother to link us up, (you all know how elder brothers can be so protective of their little sisters) but my brother was like he should go get it himself. So he searched my name on Facebook and started texting me there. (P.S: I haven’t used my Facebook in years and I don’t have access to it anymore, so I wasn’t responding).


He got tired of texting on Facebook and not getting any response so just decided to forget about me. After some time, he started having the nudge to get across to me again, then he remembered my cousin and requested my number from her. Oh well! from there we started talking quite often from the day he first called. He stays at Abuja while I’m in Enugu, he was quite consistent with communication and always mentioned that he feels like I’m going to be his wife.

In my mind then I was like Oga calm down oo it’s too early to start marriage talk, lol. But he was quite persistent about wanting something very serious with me telling me how he has never felt so positive about a girl before and all. After some time he came down to Enugu to see me, when he went back we continued to speak even more steadily on the phone.

He was coming quite often to see me in Enugu. Then in September I officially agreed to be his babe. In October he told me that he has been praying about us and that he knows we haven’t known each other for so long but he feels deeply that we are supposed to be together forever. Being a true Igbo man he said he would like to come to see my parents. I told him that I have to feel the same way too before I give him the go-ahead to meet my parents. We continued to talk often and our love began to grow. I finally told my parents about him in November and in December he came to meet them officially. After he met my parents he asked me the kind of proposal I would like whether public or private I answered later.

He proposed to me on the 23rd of December 2019. On his way to the villa from Abuja, he stopped at Enugu called and told me to escort him for a meeting. We got to the venue of the meeting, I met his friend who claimed they were waiting for their business partners for the meeting to start.  They ordered wine and we were all sipping our wine when he said he would want to use the restroom, his friend joined him when they came back the friend started cracking jokes. I was laughing next thing I saw him on his knees and he asked me to marry him, I was just laughing and quite pleasantly surprised because I never thought he would propose that day coupled with I expected he would propose when it’s just the two of us together. I was quite happy because I didn’t know he was going to be able to surprise me with the proposal.

He is such an amazing person, I feel so comfortable around him, he always strives to make me happier than he made me the day before, always happy to give a lending hand, willing to make corrections when I point out something I feel he didn’t do right. Our love story has been a rollercoaster of growth, laughter, happiness, joy and peace. I am so grateful to God for giving me the right man for me. We aren’t perfect but our love will be forever and it will be filled with happiness and peace.



Let’s head over to the reception…

According to Arinze, here’s how it all started:

Our story started when I attended her elder brother’s after-wedding party and saw her dancing with her family, I couldn’t make a move at the time because I had a lot of homeboys around. I waited for an opportunity but none came so I left that night. Afterwards, I asked her brother to link us up, but he asked me to go after her myself. I decided to search her name on Facebook found it and wrote her but there was no reply. After some time, I texted her again and still got no reply. I met the brother a second time and asked him to tell her to please read her messages on Facebook. Still got no response from her so I figured I had to find another means of reaching her.

This time I asked a relation who knows her for her number, finally got her number and my first assignment was solved. I called her and we started talking mostly on the phone because we lived in different states.  After some time, I decided to travel to see her in Enugu. The day we met, she drove to my hotel and refused to come inside, I came out to meet her, in my mind, I was like she’s just forming but got to realize she’s just that principled and I like that about her.


During the visit, I made my intentions known to her that I would like us to have a serious relationship that would end in marriage. I travelled back to my city and we kept communicating and my love for her was growing more. We always had a lot to talk about, communication was easy and flowed well, so I started visiting Enugu more often to see her. From the first day I met her in Enugu I knew she was going to be my wife. It has been a beautiful ride and here we are married.




We also got a few pictures from their traditional wedding that held in the bride’s residence.


Groom  @popeanz
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Hair: @yamarastylinchic
Makeup: @stmmagicalcreations
Bouquet &
Dress: @ugowhiteevents
Decor: @instinctdecor15
Food: @tastymony_catering_enugu
MC: @mc4god_official
Security: @henfrancessevent
Trad Styling: @avenga__
Beads & Accessories: @nenejewellryandcraft 
George: @george_by_ruverode

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