Enjoy All The Beautiful Moments at Dami & Sam’s Wedding!

What comes to mind when you think of weddings? Surely, love, happiness, food of course, and generally great vibes can’t be missing from that list. Every time we think of weddings, butterflies do a joyful dance in our bellies. Today, we’ve got Dami and Sam‘s wedding video to get us all hyped and excited.

The lovebirds exchanged their vows in a serene outdoor ceremony, affirming their love for each other. The emotions were simply tear-jerking. Dami’s dad couldn’t hold back as he watched his baby girl go on to start her new journey with the love of her life. Their friends also had many beautiful things to say about the lovebirds.  After the vow exchange,  they moved the gears into their reception and it was a vibe!

We’re absolutely gushing over all the sweet moments from Dami and Sam’s wedding. Lots of moments to love.  The energy was simply off the roof and why not! Love being celebrated will always remain amazing. You definitely want to see their wedding video and experience all the thrill yourself!

Enjoy the video below.



Videography: @wrgoimagery

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