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From The Instagram DMs To a Romantic Surprise Proposal – It’s Yes to Forever For Adura & Agboola!

There’s something truly magical about surprise proposals. The suspense, excitement, and overwhelming joy that comes with saying yes to the love of your life. Adura and Agboola are on a forever journey and we are super giddy!

It all started when Adura stumbled upon Agboola’s profile on Instagram and she followed him. Soon enough, Agboola was in her DMs and from one sweet date to another, he was certain he had found the love of his life. He took their relationship to the next level with a romantic proposal.  Agboola got down on one knee and asked Adura to be his wife. Of course, It was a resounding yes and their beautiful #BNBling moment will leave you blushing hard!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Adura:

I saw him on a friend’s post on Instagram and was contemplating whether to follow him or not because his account was private. I didn’t like the attention from following a private account but I summoned the courage to follow him and he followed back. There was no communication till I posted on my Instagram story and he commented. I felt he was in a relationship with someone, so we didn’t talk again.

One day, I posted something else and he commented “You don’t even know how to dance” and that’s how we got talking. He asked me out on a date, another date and another date and it has been good ever since. He asked me to marry him and Oh My God! I’m so happy cause I didn’t believe it was possible.


Bride: @__aduura
Decor & Styling: @cupidecor_rentalco
Photography: @bodunrin_photography
Videography: @kynetiqstudios

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